Why is L’ESTHÉTIC MESO so different?

L’ESTHÉTIC reveals its new collection : MESO. A range which allies efficiency, wellness and safety. Because our customers are favored, Laboratoires L’ESTHÉTIC has conceived products with high-quality formulas, maximizing natural ingredients. MESO range is 100% Made in France.

Time flies, skin changes: it gets damaged and old. Despite cosmetics promises and a healthy way of life, deeper layers of the dermis are degraded. They lose hyaluronic acid, vitamins and collagen.


L’ESTHÉTIC MESO uses exclusively pharmaceutical ingredients which molecular weight is 1000-fold-higher than products proposed by competitors. Thanks to its complexes formulas from the French biological research, MESO stimulates skin from inside without changing its expression and shape.


Our range of products covers face and hair professional and home treatments.
Our treatments are tailor-made for each patient. All treatments have been tested for maximum safety, effectiveness and pain reduction.


L’ESTHETIC MESO uses the highest standards of ingredients. Vitamins, natural extracts,essentialelements,organicsilicon, pure hyaluronic acid are part of our formulation.


Breakthrough in-house R&D, complex development and avant-garde French research is our DNA.